2023 Holiday Turkey Giveaway

January 4th, 2024 by
Turkey Give Away
Turkey Give Away
Turkey Give Away

When people think of Thanksgiving, they probably immediately think of turkey. It’s a staple for the holiday, but every year, some families are forced to skip this tradition. For some, they might be falling on hard times while others may not have family to turn to. At Premier Hyundai of Moreno Valley, we want the entire community to feel included this holiday season, which is why we helped sponsor a turkey giveaway.

Premier Hyundai Strives On Involving the Entire Moreno Valley Community

There’s nothing like the holiday season, but for those who don’t have family, it can feel as though they’ve been left behind. Thanksgiving is about coming together, which is why we felt that it was important to throw our hat in the ring for this giveaway. In total, over 500 turkeys were given to the Moreno Valley community.

A Happy Thanksgiving

While turkey is a great food, it also gives people an excuse to get together. With these free turkeys, families across Moreno Valley will be able to enjoy a great holiday season. During Thanksgiving, families can reconnect. Although some members might be in different states, or some may have been distant for the last few months, it’s a time when everyone can come together again. We hope that this giveaway not only strengthens the community but that it also strengthens families across the area. If you’re ever near Riverside, Bernadino, or Moreno Valley, you can always feel free to visit us at Premier Hyundai of Moreno Valley.

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