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A vehicle driving on the road with leaves fallen on the side of the road

Things to Keep in Mind When Driving in Fall Season

5 Fall Driving Tips  

Gone are the days of sun, beach trips, and cookouts, and in comes the day of pleasant weather filled with the cool breeze. It is a wonderful time of the year; the transition from summer to autumn brings all kinds of changes, including the changes in road conditions. Every season presents unique driving circumstances; thus, fall is not any different. Below we at Hyundai of Moreno Valley have brought together tips for driving safely in the fall.  

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Hyundai lane keeping assist

What is Advanced Driver-Assistance System Alerts?

Video Explanation of the Advance Driver-Assistance System Alerts in Hyundai Vehicles

Safety is an essential aspect for all, but how much do we know about the driver-assistance system and how it works? Well, we have got you covered. At Hyundai of Moreno Valley, located in Moreno Valley, CA, we have a video explanation of the different alerts for the safety systems and how to customize them. To learn more, scroll down and watch the video.

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Close up of a headlight on a white 2020 Hyundai Elantra

Is Hyundai a Safe Car Brand?

Hyundai Ties for Most Combined IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+ & TOP SAFETY PICK Awards

When you think of a safe car brand, what comes to mind? If you didn’t know already, Hyundai is one of the safest car brands on the road today. Why is Hyundai a safe car brand, you may wonder? Recently, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) announced that Hyundai has tied for the most combined TOP SAFETY PICK+ and TOP SAFETY PICK awards. To learn more about the significance of these awards and learn which models have earned awards, continue reading below.

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