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Financing a vehicle at Hyundai of Moreno Valley

Does Hyundai have zero percent financing?

Purchasing a new vehicle can be a stressful process, especially if you were not planning on purchasing a vehicle for a while. However, life happens, and we at Hyundai of Moreno Valley are here to help. We understand that previous circumstances may contribute to a low credit score which often goes hand in hand with financing a vehicle. You might be wondering, “does Hyundai have zero percent financing?” The short answer is sometimes. Keep reading to learn more about our finance department at Hyundai of Moreno Valley.

Man working on financialsFinance Department at Hyundai of Moreno Valley

Whether you are looking to purchase or lease your next vehicle, we can help. Our finance department team members have worked with a variety of backgrounds. We will take a look at your specific situation and create a plan that fits into your life and budget.

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2020 Hyundai Sonata with sunrise in backgroundWhat kind of financing does Hyundai of Moreno Valley you typically offer?

We really take pride in working with each individual and looking at their specific situations. No two people’s situations are the same, so no two plans will be the same.

We do, however, on occasion offer specials on select Hyundai vehicles to individuals that qualify. These are often changing, but sometimes they do include a zero percent financing option. Other incentives include a certain amount of cashback and special lease offers.

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Person calculating with calculatorWhere can I learn more?

Please call 951-900-4248 for more information. Otherwise, if you wanted to get the process of getting pre-approved started today, click here. We have a secure online form for you to fill out. This way, we can start putting together a plan for what would work best for you. We are also conveniently located at 27500 Eucalyptus Avenue if you would like to stop in and speak to someone in person. We look forward to meeting you!

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