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Environmentally conscious drivers in California from Riverside to Perris are excited to visit Premier Hyundai Of Moreno Valley to explore all the amazing options and value offered by the Hyundai line-up of electrified vehicles. Our team is ready to answer all your questions and introduce the four electrified power trains provided to meet your needs and reduce the cost of your transportation while helping to protect the planet for future generations. But before you see all the exceptional electrified vehicles offered by Hyundai, we would like to provide some basic information to help you evaluate the choices as you select your dream electrified Hyundai vehicle.

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Hyundai Electrified Powertrains

Hyundai Electric

All Electric Is A Top Choice

An all-electric vehicle uses only electric motors powered by batteries. Drivers are pleased with the instant acceleration and nimble feel of an all-electric on the open road and the estimated range of over 300 miles for some models. The most innovative of these cars uses regenerative braking to increase the energy stored in the batteries and their range between charges.

When it is time to recharge an all-electric car, you can plug it in at a public charging station, a charger you installed at your home, or one of many provided by employers and parking facilities in California. The most impressive feature of an all-electric Hyundai is that you will never sit at a gas pump again or stress about the increasing cost of gasoline.

Hyundai PHEV

Plug-In Hybrids Offer Incredible Flexibility

Plug-in hybrid vehicles use a battery-powered electric motor and a gas engine to get you around town or across the country. You can choose to drive in all-electric mode in the city or when you want to enjoy the most economical transportation. In combo mode, using both power sources, your vehicle will have an average range of nearly 450 miles.

The batteries for the electric motor in a hybrid can be recharged at a charging station and with regenerative braking as in the all-electric models. Plug-in hybrids are popular with drivers who could spend time in areas with little or no public charging infrastructure or those who frequently drive an extended distance and need the additional range of these versatile selections.

Hyundai Hybrid

Hybrid Vehicles Do The Work For You

A hybrid Hyundai has both a gas and electric motor that can function independently or simultaneously, depending on the vehicle’s speed. The car determines if one or both of the motors will function at a given time based on the damage to power and the availability of the energy stored in the batteries. Because the computer selects the power supply, these are some of the most fuel-efficient models offered.

Drivers love the added fuel economy and lower operating cost of the hybrids. In addition, they are pleased to learn that the batteries for the electric motor are only recharged by regenerative braking, so they do not need to visit charging stations or have the ability to install a charge at their home, making them ideal for renters.

Hyundai Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell Vehicles Offer A Different Solution To Gasoline

Fuel cell vehicles also function solely by use of a battery-powered electric motor. However, these batteries are recharged via a fuel cell stack that functions using liquid hydrogen. They convert the liquid hydrogen to electricity, with the only byproduct dispersing from the vehicle’s tailpipe being water. Refueling the hydrogen tank takes around five minutes, much like filling a gasoline tank. According to EPA estimates, each full tank of hydrogen will produce enough electricity to drive roughly 375 miles. These vehicles are another great option for drivers who do not have the ability to install a charging station at home but want to take a significant step in the direction of more green transportation.

Hyundai Electrified FAQ

The leadership at Hyundai has lofty goals for the company and the planet. The plan is to be 100% carbon neutral as a company by 2045. To achieve this, the company is offering guidance and help to all consumers ready to jump in early and commit to a brighter future for all. Hyundai is offering complimentary charging, home-energy solutions, and a worry-free battery warranty to encourage consumers to go green.

Many vehicle owners are taking a responsible approach to selecting their next vehicle by evaluating their choices for an electrified vehicle. Of course, the environmental aspect is clearly a benefit for everyone on the planet today and in the future. However, there are several other compelling benefits, which include:

  • Many states and local utility providers offer incentives and rebates when you purchase an electric vehicle
  • You might also discover that your state allows single drivers to use the carpool lane when in an electric car or SUV
  • Another great time and money savings comes from limited or no use of gasoline, so you rarely stop at a gas station or might never need to again if you purchase an all-electric Hyundai
  • Smooth and rapid acceleration is always a plus

Regenerative braking is an innovative way to harness the power every vehicle generates when stopping or applying the brakes

The all-electric 2025 IONIC 6 is the top-of-the-line Hyundai SUV that offers high-performance features destined for some time on a racetrack. The Kona also offers an all-electric model that is energy-efficient, fun to drive, and very reasonably priced for a car that delivers around 260 miles per full battery charge.

If you would like to check out a plug-in hybrid Hyundai, the Santa Fe and Tucson models offer many great options and features. These four door SUVs are spacious and economical with a range of 33 to 35 miles per gallon combined. You will enjoy added savings on your daily driving as well as your exciting road trips to see the country in the comfort of your Hyundai plug-in hybrid.

Drivers who want their vehicle to manage the transition from electric and gas to all gas or all-electric will be thrilled with the hybrid Tucson and Elantra hybrid. The Tucson delivers an impressive max of 38 mpg on the highway in an impressive four-door SUV. The Elantra also offers four-doors and a spacious sedan interior while reaching a jaw-dropping max of 58 mpg on the highway. For a more sporty look and feel, the Sonata hybrid brings 290 horsepower to the table and up to 36 mpg on the highway. For the most adventurous drivers, the Santa Fe hybrid is ready to explore the road less traveled and get up to 36 mpg combined.

The cutting edge hydrogen powered SUV NEXO will take your driving experience to the next level. This fuel cell powered vehicle has a range of up to 380 miles on a single tank and delivers over 160 horsepower. This is the world’s first hydrogen-powered SUV that offers buyers massive incentives like zero emissions, substantial rebates in many states, and opportunities to secure complimentary fuel.

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Finally, all consumers understand the vital function of the batteries in their electrified vehicles. They also know that this technology comes with a somewhat hefty price tag. At Hyundai, we want to assure our valued customers that we are providing the highest quality batteries possible for their vehicles, and we are ready to stand behind that pledge with a 10 year/100,000 mile warranty on the batteries in your Hyundai vehicles. Peace of mind is yours thanks to the high-capacity lithium-ion battery system you depend on to get you and your loved ones around town and across the country in your trusted Hyundai.

You can use the newest charging stations built by Hyundai and the Electrify America project for free after purchasing an electric Hyundai. There are over 4,000 connections across the country that can be easily located via the website. Hyundai is also partnering with customers to assist them in home charger installations and acquiring solar panels and energy storage systems for their homes to take a second step in the direction of a cleaner planet for future generations.

Locate Charging Stations

Many buyers who are getting into an electric vehicle for the first time are apprehensive about the challenges of charging. Please know the team at Hyundai has gone to great lengths to eliminate this potentially stressful concern for our customers thanks to the ChargePoint Home Flex EV charger. This Level 2 charger delivers 240-volt power to charge your Hyundai up to nine times faster than plugging into your typical household 110-volt outlet. Please reach out to the electrification experts at Premier Hyundai Of Moreno Valley for more information about a Hyundai charging station for your home as you discuss your options for the ideal electric vehicle to meet your transportation needs.

Our staff is excited to help you evaluate your options based on size, functionality, flexibility, and range. In addition, we are always ready to get you on the road in various models so you can see, feel, and experience all that the Hyundai electric line-up has to offer. We know that you will be ready to drive home in your new Hyundai EV after just one short drive.

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