Hyundai Hope on Wheels Handprint Ceremony

January 4th, 2024 by
Hope on Wheels
Hope on Wheels
Hope on Wheels

Childhood cancer is something that shouldn’t exist, but every year children are forced to deal with the reality that cancer can affect anyone. Hyundai Hope On Wheels has fought hard against cancer in all of its forms, and this year, it’s symbolizing its efforts through its Handprint Ceremonies. If you’d like to see one of this year’s ceremonies, you can visit us at Premier Hyundai of Moreno Valley.

What Is Hyundai Hope On Wheels?

Although it’s hard to think about, there are children across the nation who are suffering from various forms of cancer. Hyundai Motor America aimed to tackle this problem head-on, which led to the nonprofit organization known as Hyundai Hope On Wheels. To date, this organization has contributed an astounding $225 million to various research and survivorship efforts.

Hope On Wheel’s Goals For This Year

Hyundai Hope On Wheels hasn’t given up on its commitment to children across the nation. This year, Hyundai is ready to present 88 grants to organizations that are focused on fighting cancer. In total, this amounts to an additional $25 million toward the cause.

Hope On Wheel’s Handprint Ceremony

This Handprint Ceremony serves as a reminder of Hyundai Hope On Wheel’s commitment, as they’ll be announcing the winners of this year’s grants. During this ceremony, Hyundai partners, along with doctors, children, and researchers will be dipping their hands in paint. From there, one lucky Hyundai model will be receiving quite a few handprints. This symbol aims to show that by working together, we as a community can strive for a future where no child has to deal with cancer.

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